Real Estate Boards In Ontario Canada

Now you too as a real estate salesperson, sales representative, or real estate Broker or if you just completed your real estate courses in Ontario can register your licence with the Real Estate Council of Ontario and join a Brokerage real estate office in Ontario that is not affiliated or in other words, a member of any real estate board service. What does this mean to you and your real estate license? It means that you can join a Brokerage and keep your licence active and avoid all the extra fees that go along with your new career like realtor board fees. Any realtor board fees and expenses in Ontario Canada.

This includes the Ontario Real Estate Association and the Canadian Real Estate Association too. You can still trade in real estate anywhere in Ontario as a fully licensed real estate professional. The differences are that you will not be paying for any board or association fees and you will save all those other expenses like franchise costs and expenses. If you are not ready to be a new real estate practitioner and begin your career or if you are already in your career and need to park or hold or warehouse your licence then you have also come to the right Brokerage website. Call or email us today for all the details now.

If you are brand new, right of real estate course school or college or if you are already a licensed real estate practitioner and you live or reside in Ontario Canada then here are the following real estate boards that you are either considering becoming a member of or you already are a member of and currently are paying all the added costs and expenses that are related to receiving the services these ontario real estate boards provide.

The Ontario real estate boards are:

Northern Ontario
Northeastern Ontario
Eastern Ontario
Western Ontario
Southern Ontario
Central Ontario